Business Concierge Service rates:

Since every business is unique, our Business Concierge Service rates vary. What you can expect:
  • Bookkeeping billed out at our standard rate of $60/hr
  • Payroll billed out at our standard rate (see below)
  • Tax return, tax planning, and consulting billed out at our standard rate or $150.00/hr

Example: Your business requires 6 hours per month of bookkeeping, you have 9 employees, your business and personal taxes take 10 hours, and we have 6 meetings per year for consulting, tax planning and tax projections. Total service cost $9000 per year, you will be billed $750.00 per month.

Payroll and Contractor Payments:

Initial Payroll set-up includes enrollment in electronic filing service and direct deposit or signature ready checks for employees and contractors.

S-Corporation officer only payroll:
1 or more officers paid once a month by direct deposit $60.00 per month/ $720 per year.

Bi weekly payroll rates*:

1 - 5 employees/contractors $80.00 per month/ $960 per year.
Employees/Contractors over 5 total are an additional $7.50 each per month.

Monthly fee includes:
  • Process payroll and calculate Federal and State tax deposits.
  • Make Federal and State tax deposits electronically.
  • Prepare and e-file quarterly payroll tax returns for Federal, State, and Department of Economic Security.
  • Process and mail forms W-2, W-3, 1099 & 1096 at year end.
  • Calculate and pay state and Federal unemployment tax and prepare the tax returns and associated documents and fillings.
  • Standard delivery by USPS.

*Fees for weekly payroll will vary from pricing shown, call for quote.

Prices include paying all Federal, State and DES deposits electronically through your business bank account. Deposits are based on the dollar amount of total gross pay per pay period. Electronic payment of federal, state, and DES withholding is required. Payroll hours need to be submitted two (2) business days before the direct deposit payroll date.

Income Tax Preparation hourly rates:

Business taxes including Form 1065, 1120 & 1120-S $150.00/HR minimum fee $750.00
Includes analysis of general ledger, reconciliation of balance sheet accounts, completed tax file and tax return with schedules L, M-1 & M-2, qualified business income (QBI) calculations, and basis calculations for partners and shareholders.

Individual tax returns are prepared and charged by the form. Our minimum fee is $339.95 and our average fee is $500.00. Please see our fee schedule for more information.

Social Security Consulting rates:

We offer two separate consultations for Social Security and retirement planning.
  • $375.00 - Calculate your maximum Social Security benefit. Applying for Social Security for you and your spouse is important and you only get one opportunity to get it right. Our calculation will show you, in detail, when to apply and how to receive the most Social Security benfits.
  • $600.00 - We will run a calulation to maximize your Social Security benefits and create a tax projection which includes payments from pension plans and required minimum distributions (RMD) from 401(k) and IRA accounts. This 1, 5, and 10 year projection will help you understand the taxes you will face during retirement and give you the tools to maximize your income and minimize the taxes due.

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