My name is Cathy Chambers and my husband and I are owners of Independent Fire & Safety, Chambers Rentals LLC and Affordable PO Box’s & More.

I am writing this letter today to share my opinion as well as my first hand experience with Marc Barnes of Copper Canyon Tax & Financial Services.

Marc shows accurate and extensive knowledge in his field, attention to detail, as well as a willingness to take the time to really listen and help his clients resolve any questions/issues they may have. These qualities set Marc apart from every tax person, accountant and/or accounting firm that I have ever used in the past.

In my husband and I’s business’s, there is a high standard for customer service. I expect that same standard with the vendors we choose to use. Needless to say, I have had quite a few accountants in the past that we would not use or recommend. Because Marc is able to deliver the customers service standard I expect, I will not only continue to do business with him, but I would absolutely recommend him to anyone in need of his services.

There have been many times that I have called Marc out of the blue, with questions regarding tax’s/accounting issues. Marc is always consistent in his willingness to take the time in that moment to assist me in resolving issues correctly and/or answering questions for me, in a way that is easily understood. More importantly Marc has always given me the correct information, which is crucial when you are dealing with tax’s and tax agencies.

Marc also keeps up on the latest changes that affect our companies directly and sends me the information via e-mail. Again, the changing information is crucial to have, as filing any type of tax form incorrectly can potentially be very costly.

-- Catherine Chambers, Independent Fire & Safety, Chambers Rentals LLC and Affordable PO Box’s & More