Dunham, Gold, and Porter, LLC is small locally owned and operated Commercial Collection Agency, located in Tucson, established in January of 2010. As a licensed Collection Agency we are governed by the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions which requires stringent accounting and detailed financial reporting.

During the licensing process we hired a well known local accounting firm to complete the financial statement required to obtain our license. Our accounting is complicated, and the AZDFI reporting is complex. Unfortunately they did not follow the instructions correctly, causing our financial reports to be returned, and costing us valuable time and monies to amend the situation.

In late 2010, we started contemplating our 2011 tax filings, and our annual AZDFI reports. A friend of the family recommended Marc Barnes with Copper Canyon Tax and Financial Services to handle my bookkeeping in preparation for my tax filing. We had not yet made a decision as to who we would use to handle the AZDFI reporting, but we were leaning toward paying a legal firm familiar with the process.

Upon contacting Marc at Copper Canyon, we were able to schedule an appointment the same week. Marc was on time for the appointment, and prepared. I was pleasantly surprised at his knowledge of accounting, familiarity with the specific tax laws, and its application with regards to our partnership.

We enlisted Copper Canyon to handle the bookkeeping. Their work was accurate, concise, and timely. We then decided to inquire as to the completion of our annual AZDFI reports. Copper Canyon did not hesitate to accept the task. They clearly had an understanding of what the state was looking for and completed the task in a timely and accurate manner. The services provided by Copper Canyon were priceless, but their fees were reasonable and affordable.

In today’s economy and environment it is hard to come by a trustworthy and hardworking accounting company. I feel that Copper Canyon is exactly that, and I would (and do) recommend them to anyone who has a need for the services they provide.

As a side note, Copper Canyon also handled my personal taxes for 2011 and will be handling them moving forward.

-- Travis Porter, Dunham, Gold, and Porter, LLC